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Stainless Steel has been around for a long time but over the last few years, it has been reinvented and refreshed to become a home decor favorite. Look around you, you’ll find this glossy, sleek material everywhere. In offices, in restaurants and other commercial places and especially in homes! In the home decor context, stainless steel epitomizes modernity, style and elegance. No wonder then that it is the favorite of designers and decorators and home makers alike. Modern homes are filled with both objects of utility and of adornment made out of stainless steel.


What exactly is Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel is as the name suggests a stain free form of steel. It is basically a steel alloy that comprises steel and chromium and sometimes other metals like nickel and manganese too. It was discovered by Harry Brearkey, a British laboratory researcher in 1913 while conducting some experiments looking for an alloy for gun barrels that would resist erosion. Based on his preliminary work, it was found out that 12% of chromium makes steel resistant to corrosion. Also this kind of steel has a natural smooth surface and doesn’t require painting. It lasts for years together and is 100% recyclable. It comes in variety of finishes like matte, satin, brushed, and reflective. Thanks to its durable nature and elegant natural finish, it has become the preferred material for modern furniture and decor pieces.

What make Stainless Steel such a favorite in modern homes?

It’s a visual delight: Modern homes are characterized by clean lines, minimalistic design and an uncluttered appearance. Stainless steel blends in beautifully into these interiors. But even if the style is not strictly modern or contemporary, stainless steel decor and accessories will create an impact. Gleaming, clean-looking with elegant lines, this metal lends a very sophisticated and stylish appeal to any home

Its environment friendly: With the entire world recognizing the need to adopt environment friendly resources and techniques in everyday life, more homeowners, builders and designers are switching to materials that aim to minimize a home's environmental impact. Stainless Steel is totally green, in other words, 100% recyclable. Some stainless steel products are made out of completely recyclable material. And since this is such a long lasting material, it helps the environment even further by creating less waste.

It ages gracefully: Unlike other material, stainless steel objects look great even as they age. Scratches in any other material look terrible but not in stainless steel. This material develops a glaze of small scratches over the years and this gives it a natural depth that can be cleaned easily to look brand new.

It's Versatile: Stainless steel can be used in any part of the house with elan. It could be the kitchen where is widely used in appliances, cookware, table ware, cutlery storage equipment, bins etc or the living room, bedroom and hallway, where stainless steel furniture, decor pieces and accessories can be used to create visual delight. For the bathroom several delightful stainless steel fixtures and accessories are available which can completely transform this space.

It's Durable: Stainless steel is comparatively lighter than other metals but it is extremely strong and durable and lasts for many years if cared for properly.

It’s Hygienic: Stainless steel is completely non-porous; there are no microscopic holes where bacteria can hide. It doesn’t have any kind of coating which can come of. This makes it a healthy hygienic metal to have around in the house, especially in the kitchen.

It’s easy to clean: Stainless steel’s greatest quality is the fact that it can be cleaned and sterilized without fear or rust, staining or damage.

It’s cost effective: Though slightly higher priced than other materials, stainless steel lasts for years to come making it a smart long term investment. Once you buy products for your home made out of stainless steel, you can be assured that you won’t have to go for replacements any time soon.

It's Timeless: Stainless steel decor is simple yet stylish. This lends it a timeless quality; it doesn’t ever go out of style or become outdated. You can use and enjoy it for many years.

Stainless Steel is a great favorite in the kitchen

Stainless steel cookware is a very popular cookware choice. It is durable, hygienic, easy to maintain and useful in a number of cooking applications. Stainless steel cookware also looks very appealing. People love cooking with stainless steel because it is a non reactive metal. This means that it can be used to cook foods with heavy alkaline or acidic content without changing the taste and appearance of the food. It doesn’t even corrode or pit when it comes into contact with acidic or alkaline foods. Stainless steel cookware resists dents, scratches, and is strong and long lasting.. Stainless is easy to clean and doesn’t have any special cleaning restrictions like non stick and some other cookware.

One more reason why people cookware made of stainless steel is because it helps brown and sear meats very effectively.

Stainless Steel is at the core of Vital Ware’s home decor range

Vital Wares, Canada’s favorite online destination for exclusive home decor products is a virtual treasure house of stainless steel accessories and accents. Stainless Steel is our forte and we bring you this spectacular range in association with some of the most reputed manufactures of stainless steel home products. This includes Blomus and Zack, two of the best known names in the stainless steel home product category. Blomus’ stainless steel offerings that are simply breathtaking. They are simple yet immensely stylish! The company believes that design is an important part of everyday life and this is reflected in their home range. Zack is yet another company known for its Stainless Steel masterpieces. Home accessories from Zack come in myriad forms, sizes, designs and shapes and can be used to lend immense style to any space in the home. Other well known brands that offer stainless steel home products and are retailed on our site are Brabantia, Cuisinox, Polder and Planika.

Vital Wares’ stainless steel works of art for every space in your home

Vital Wares has stunning stainless steel objects for virtually every room in your home. From the bedroom to the living room, the kitchen, the dining space, the hallway, the bathroom and even the outdoors, there is an expansive range of beautiful home decor pieces in stainless steel that promise to make every room look special and spectacular. Some of the products that we offer for these special places in your home include:

Home Decor range: Our home decor is extensive and consists of stainless steel artifacts, objects d art and decor pieces that can make your home look wonderful and be warm and inviting at the same time. Accessories include the Ethanol fireplaces are a totally revolutionary concept in home decor. With these portable, chimneyless, smokeless and environment friendly fireplaces that use bio ethanol as a fuel, you can make a style statement and make your home cozy and warm on a chilly day. Another great stainless steel accessory for the living room is the indoor fountain. Indoor fountains create an atmosphere of relaxation and help you distress. These are available in a number of designs to suit every fancy. We also have elegant vases, candle holders, photo frames, wall decor Some of the best selling items from our home decor range include ethanol fireplaces, wood racks, fireplace screens, fireplace tools, ashtrays, candle holders, clocks, fountains, floor covering, home accents like eco products, throw pillows and quilts, home office products and accessories, home organization accessories, key holders, photo frames, planters, book ends, Christmas ornaments, humidifiers, door signs, door stoppers, vases, wall decor, window covering, umbrella holders, barbeque tools, garden globes and a lot more.

Furniture: Our furniture collection offers you stylish Stainless Steel barstools in addition to a lot of other high quality furniture for your home. Use these in your kitchen, bar media or entertainment room to create a chill out zone. Stainless steel furniture is also available for the living room, the home office and the dining space

Kitchen range: The kitchen is where stainless steel can be found in all its glory. We have a complete kitchen range that includes elegant cookware, table ware, cutlery Our stainless steel kitchen ware range includes bread boxes, barbeque accessories, charcoal grills, cookbook holders, coffee makers, cookware, dinner ware, kitchen appliances, kitchen cleaning tools, knives, decorative and functional table top products and a lot more.

All these products have been specially created and crafted keeping in mind the nature of kitchen work and its tough demands on appliances and accessories.

Bathroom Accessories: Our bathroom range is fantastic to say the least. It comprises of everything that can make this functional space look completely spectacular. Bathroom sets, bathroom organizers, soap dishes and dispensers, toilet paper and tissue holders, toilet brushes and brush holders, bathroom mirrors, shower curtain rods, bathroom mirrors, shelves, trash cans, towel hooks, towels racks, towel rings and towel bars make up this great collection.

Laundry room products: Our stainless steel offerings for the laundry room include clothes dryers and clothes bins which help you dry clothes the natural way and keep your laundry room organized and tidy respectively.

Outdoor Accessories: Stainless Steel accessories for your outdoor spaces like patios, garden and backyards are equally impressive as the ones for your interiors. These include bird feeders, fire pits, garden torches, post boxes, and watering cans, garden globes, sundials, pinwheels and garden stakes among other things.

Personal Accessories: We also offer some amazing stainless steel personal accessories which also make great gifts. They include bookmarks, business card cases, makeup mirrors, cigarette cases, shoe horns, glasses case and hip flasks. Stainless Steel home decor products are a perfect blend of form and function. They make interiors and the outdoors look wonderful and enable homeowners to take pride in their homes.

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